Hired in Michigan Community Empowerment is dedicated to fueling the growth and prosperity of Michigan's vibrant economic landscape. Our mission is to bolster the hiring capacity of Michigan employers through comprehensive workforce solutions and resources. We endeavor to bridge the gap between local talent and businesses, enabling them to start, expand, and sustain their operations effectively. We are committed to fostering a thriving business environment that not only attracts but also retains a skilled and diverse workforce, thereby empowering our communities and reinforcing Michigan's position as a hub of innovation and employment opportunities."

Welcome to Hired in Michigan Community Empowerment, your go-to resource for comprehensive workforce solutions and business support services. We're dedicated to fostering a thriving business environment in the Metro Detroit area and throughout Michigan, providing resources that attract, develop, and retain a skilled and diverse workforce. Phone General Inquiries: (248) 237-3600

Support For Employers And Job Seekers

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

Explore our talent acquisition support tools, including our robust job posting platform, talent matching services, and employer branding support. Discover our extensive training and development resources, from customized training programs to certification support and e-learning resources. Learn about our employee retention strategies, including best practices seminars, employee engagement initiatives, and diversity and inclusion support.

Business Environment Support

Navigate through our business expansion and sustainability resources, such as expansion strategy consulting, access to funding opportunities, infrastructure planning, and market research. Check out our innovation support resources, including R&D resources, intellectual property guidance, and collaboration opportunities. Discover our commitment to diversity and inclusion with resources on inclusive hiring practices, diversity training, employee resource groups, and community outreach initiatives.

Community Empowerment

Find out more about our local community engagement programs, including community events, local sourcing programs, educational partnerships, and corporate social responsibility support. Learn about our economic development efforts, including policy advocacy, economic impact analysis, business cluster development, and local investment opportunities. Understand Michigan's position as an employment hub through our promotion of Michigan's workforce, collaboration with state agencies, public relations campaigns, and business success stories.

In addition to our career development resources, we also provide employer hiring resources to help businesses find the right talent. Our employer resources include: Phone General Inquiries: (248) 237-3600

Job Postings

We offer a free job posting service to help businesses connect with qualified candidates. Our job board is regularly updated with new opportunities, and we actively promote open positions to our network of job seekers.

Hiring Events

We host hiring events throughout the year, bringing together job seekers and businesses in a face-to-face setting. These events provide opportunities for employers to meet with candidates and conduct on-site interviews.

Resources and Support Services

Utilize our comprehensive online resources, including a digital database of potential employees and job openings, e-guides, webinars, and online networking platforms. Avail of our consultation services, from personalized consultations to access to industry experts, legal and regulatory guidance, and crisis management support. Explore our financial assistance resources, including financial aid information, financial institution partnerships, budget planning and management support, and investment guidance. Make use of our legal and regulatory assistance, with resources on legal compliance, regulatory updates, access to legal experts, and legal workshops.

Take advantage of our workforce training programs and networking opportunities to strengthen your business and position it for future growth.
Whether you're a business owner looking to expand, an employer seeking skilled talent, or a job seeker searching for opportunities, Hired in Michigan Community Empowerment is here to support you. Together, we can strengthen Michigan's position as a hub of innovation and employment opportunities. Join us as we empower our communities, one job at a time.
At Hired In Michigan Community Empowerment, we believe that access to education, career development, and employment opportunities is essential to building strong communities. We are committed to providing these resources to individuals and businesses in the community, and we invite you to join us in our mission. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services.
Phone General Inquiries: (248) 237-3600

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