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Restaurant and Food Services 
Dive into a world of culinary arts and hospitality. This sector is perfect for recruiters looking to discover chefs, food and beverage managers, servers, and baristas. Explore the vibrant career paths in restaurants and food services, where passion meets profession.

Automotive Repair and Maintenance
Engage with professionals who keep our vehicles running smoothly. From automotive technicians to service advisors, this sector values problem-solving and exceptional service skills. Discover how career expos can connect you with skilled candidates dedicated to automotive excellence.

Retail and Department Stores
Join the forefront of consumer interactions and retail management. This sector offers roles for retail associates, store managers, buyers, and visual merchandisers. Recruit dynamic individuals who can transform the shopping experience and drive sales with their expertise and customer-centric approach.

Automotive Dealerships
Connect with top talent in vehicle sales and services. This sector seeks individuals proficient in sales, finance, technical services, and customer relations. Learn how participating in career fair can help your dealership attract skilled professionals eager to contribute to your success.

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Register for our next career fair! Secure your spot to meet with skilled professionals from various industries. Our expos provide a unique platform for showcasing your company and engaging directly with job seekers. 
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Hired In Michigan is dedicated to bridging the gap between leading companies and qualified candidates. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful connections through well-organized career expos that cater to a wide range of industries.

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